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bahtera mas bridge 

kendari bay

Detail Engineering Design Review In collaboration with  PT. MCM

Kendari  Bay  Bridge  is  planned  across, Kendari  Bay  to  connect  Old  Town  on the north side and Lapulu on the south side. This bridge serves as shortcut to shorten the previous 16 km route between the two area. In addition, this bridge also serves as Kendari's Icon, hence Provincial Government of Southeast Sulawesi requested the plan to not change the structure system type, which is Cable Stayed.



  1. Generating an appropriate design result in accordance with the latest field data and the latest regulation, and hence can be agreed by all related parties

  2. Obtaining principle permit of construction execution in order to give permission to Construction Service Provider to start working


  1. Conduct an integrated technical evaluation of all possibilites resulted from shortening of free board and bridge towers (pylons)

  2. Make design adjustment to changes in planning regulations, especially on earthquake load and traffic load intensity

  3. Evaluate the latest field data  provided by Construction Service Provider

Kendari Bay Bridge Progress


Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Government through  

Public  Works Office initiated this bridge construction plan by doing feasibility study (FS) 

conducted by PT. Wiratman & Associates


Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Government through Public Works Office organized

the Kendari Bay Bridge Activity Package conducted by PT. Sangkuriang JO.

and PT. Maratama Cipta Mandiri (PT. MCM)


Physical Tender


Design  Review  by PT. Yodya  Karya,

i.e. free board revision from 25 meters to 16.5 meters in effort to lower construction cost


Second physical tender and contract with construction service providers on November


Implementation Permit to KKJTJ on April




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